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8 Steps to a Successful In-Store Event

Posted by Pan Oston on 5/23/17 8:59 AM

In-store events are a great way to generate foot traffic, loyalty and eventually sales. Here is a basic checklist of 8 important steps to hosting a successful in-store event.


  • Plan

The farther out you plan the more successful your event will be. The type of event you host should be based on your customer base and their likes. Look back on the events you’ve done in the past. If they worked well then there is no need to reinvent the wheel. Take a look at the events held by your competition too.


  • Budget

Create a budget that makes sense and add 10-20% for wiggle room. To cut costs, you may want to consider a partnership with one of your vendors. It is also a good opportunity to work with local business’ to cross promote (caters, wineries, etc.)


  • Marketing

Make sure you use a variety of methods to market your event. Postcards, emails, Facebook invites, Instagram, in-store signage, fliers, and even phone calls to customers are all viable vehicles.



  • Publicity

The media (radio, TV, newspapers) and blogosphere should be aware of your event. You may want to select a charity to support for an added “feel good” vibe. Pre-event announcements will make everyone aware of your event and the charity tie in.


  • Goal

The goal is to provide an emotional connection and in-store experience without sounding too “salesy”.


  • Event

Set the tone for your event with music to fill the air. You may also want to consider serving alcohol to facilitate a relaxed environment. Goody bags are always popular.


  • Post-Event

Document your event for social media and for future promotion. This is also a good way to find ways to improve for your next event


  • Follow up

Everyone sees things from different vantage points. After the event, follow up with your staff to get their feedback. All of this information will be useful in planning events in the future.


Now that you have completed a successful event, it’s time to schedule your next event and start planning.

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