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Putting Technology in the Store Means More Items in the Cart

Posted by Pan Oston on 7/25/16 10:45 AM

How do you get your customer to spend more time in the store? What about spending more money? Your customers want specific items. Why not make it easier to find them? A customer who can locate an item without having to seek out an associate for help is more open to suggestions about additional products, and is more willing to spend time in the store getting coupons via their mobile device. By giving your customer an app to create a shopping list or find coupons, you build customer loyalty. 

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To Bag or Not to Bag?

Posted by Pan Oston on 6/8/16 2:00 PM

To Bag or Not to Bag? 

What is your store policy when it comes to bagging groceries?  Does the customer bag the groceries, or does an employee?  What if customers strongly prefer to bag their own groceries, but you have an employee who typically handles the bagging? We took a look at different grocers and retailers in the nation to see what they had to say. 

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Grocers Earn Top Spots in Customer Experience

Posted by Pan Oston on 4/6/16 10:00 AM

The Temkin Experience Ratings have been published for the past six years as a standard benchmark of customer experience. 10,000 U.S. consumers rate their interactions with 294 companies across 20 industries. In their 2016 report, several grocers scored in the top spots for customer experience.

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