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Retail Store Updates and Decor

Posted by Pan Oston on 5/17/16 2:00 PM


In May of 2015, our fixtures were part of a design concept award given by the Association of Retail Environments as part of Walmart to Go.  The gold award was given to Walmart in the convenience store category for its small design format.  This award highlights how important it is to have a store decor that is welcoming and fresh for customers.  

Retail Store Décor and How it Can Sell Products for You

You may have good products, but they won’t sell themselves without good retail space. Whether you’re refurbishing your store to create an environment that attracts customers, as a response to a competitor or to generate sales, it is critical to create little disruption to customers and operation. That will increase your sales volume with quick returns on the cost to renovate. The longer you put off a renovation, it will be even more expensive to catch up to your competitors.

When your customer steps into your store, it is important to keep an open feeling that welcomes people in, as well as keeping staff up front to engage and guide shoppers.  Ninety percent of American shoppers turn right when they enter the store and follow that route.  By understanding that path, you can design a route that provides maximum exposure for your customers and control the ebb and flow of traffic. Some stores even use different flooring to guide traffic “where the eyes go, the feet follow.”

Even by using paint, you can rebrand your store. By keeping brighter colors for emphasis and highlighting important areas, you draw the shopper’s eye and can instigate a purchase. Similarly, by putting items near the checkout, you can encourage impulse, or last-minute purchases. The wall space behind the counter can also be used for interesting displays or information.

Quality merchandising display cases can enhance a customer’s shopping experience and increase sales. Keeping signage consistent helps unify the store and keeps the customer focused. Updating lights for a whiter, brighter glow makes the store seem newer, cleaner, and can attract attention to endcaps or other products you would like to highlight.

Understanding that customers usually turn right nearly always means they follow a loop and end at the left side of the store, which makes it the best and most sensible place to install your POS. Having the most current and updated systems help to solidify a positive customer experience and heighten the chance of a return customer. 

Some of these solutions can be done at minimal cost depending on the size of your store, but the price of staying updated and keeping up with competitor stores is invaluable.  Isn't it time you evaluated your store for updates?

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