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The Shopper Journey

Posted by Pan Oston on 4/22/16 10:38 AM

Nikki Baird of the Retail Systems Research opened the conversation about the ‘shopper journey’ and what it means in today’s consumer experience. She brings up the stance that in retail, “It’s not about how you want to sell. It’s about how consumers want to buy,” and that the sale is “an outcome, not a strategy.”



What is a good way to get to that outcome? Consumers, especially the omni-channel shoppers, are more informed and engaged than ever with appropriately overwhelming options of where to spend. The Harvard Business Review describes micro-moments within the shopper journey, the impulses of wanting to know, go, do and buy.

The Consumer Is In Control

Before even getting the consumer through the door, the retailer must stimulate curiosity and foster discovery over design, recognizing that the consumer is in control, not the retailer. You must also understand the journey is dynamic, and non-linear.


Fully understanding the shopper can help you be proactive in facilitating, rather than dictating, their journey to promote the success of their experience and your sale. It is crucial to support the shopper through every stage of their journey.

How about you?

What does your organization do to encourage the shopper through their journey to successful purchase and ownership without stifling them in their process? Leave a comment and share how you optimize outcomes for your business through the shopper journey.


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